2 Hotel Guests, 2 Gunmen killed in Mali Attack

 2 Hotel Guests, 2 Gunmen killed in Mali Attack

Mali security personal cover the body of a victim inside the Radisson Blu hotel after an attack by gunmen on the hotel in Bamako, Mali, Friday, Nov. 20, 2015. Islamic extremists armed with guns and grenades stormed the luxury Radisson Blu hotel in Mali’s capital Friday morning, and security forces worked to free guests floor by floor. (AP Photo/Baba Ahmed)

At least four people were killed in an attack by “terrorists” on a hotel near the Malian capital of Bamako, Security Minister Salif Traore said Monday.

The attack on Sunday at Le Campement Kangaba, a favourite destination for expatriates, claimed the lives of two hotel guests and two attackers.

“Two terrorists were killed. Special anti-terrorist forces are looking for two others,” Traore said.

Eight people were injured, including six members of the security forces and two civilians, while 36 people were rescued unhurt. They included 14 Malians and 13 French citizens.

One of the dead was a woman with dual Malian and French citizenship, the Security Ministry said earlier on Facebook.

Anti-terrorism forces from several countries arrived at the scene soon after the attack and surrounded the hotel.

A week back, the US embassy in Mali had issued an alert about heightened dangers for foreigners at popular spots in Bamako. It warned that people should avoid places with poor security, including hotels, restaurants and churches.

Mali has been unstable ever since an extremist uprising in the north in 2012 put much of the country in the hands of Islamist and other rebel groups. The uprising was pushed back by a French military intervention.

An 800-strong UN mission is now active in the country, enforcing a peace deal between the government and the rebels.

In November 2015, terrorists attacked a different hotel in Bamako, taking 100 people hostage and eventually leaving 20 dead.


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