2016 Year Of Opportunities For Young Talented Designers

 2016 Year Of Opportunities For Young Talented Designers

This year, fashion was real fun both on and off the runways. It was not only about the runways, the big changes of this year’s fashion can be summed up to be stylishly crazy.
Fashion is fast evolving all over the world, taking new and incredible turns. The talent shows and fashion designers’ weeks have already begun to change the ways designers work and do business for the better. They have also brought in positive media attention as well as feedback and interest from international fashion designers and buyers. They have given established designers strong focus and young talented designers’ new opportunities.
Throughout 2016, a series of fashion and style events dominated the scene. Talented designers and winners emerged through highly competitive fashion shows and beauty queens emerged through pageants organised by different fashion and beauty companies.
During the year, some indigenous cologne companies introduced their products to the esteemed public and these exceeded all estimates by international standards.
Everyone’s ankara got much stylish and shimmery in 2016. It wasn’t due only to the ankara manufacturers’ upping sticks, but a general focus on the big business of fashion by our talented fashion designers who daily ditched out amazing designs.
Ankara style in various fabrics and hues was a major trend from January till now, and it will continue to be a major fashion style in our time.
The surge of fashion weeks in the year provided great opportunities for up-and-coming talents to show off their works to the industry and the general public. Ready-to-wear was all the rage and the trend will continue next year.


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