2018 COWLSO Begins,3000 Participant To Attend

 2018 COWLSO Begins,3000 Participant To Attend

COWLSO conference

At least 3,000 participants, nine seasoned speakers are expected to attend the 2018 Annual Women Conference being put together by the Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials (COWLSO).

Director of Public Affairs in the Office of the Wife of the Lagos State Governor, Mrs. Folashade Kadiri in a statement on Sunday, said preparations have been concluded for the three day conference scheduled for Tuesday, 23 to Thursday, October 25, 2018 at the Eko Hotels and Suites Victoria Island, Lagos.

According to Kadiri, over 3,000 participants had signified interest to attend this year’s conference which has the theme, ‘‘Strengthening Our Collective Impact’, adding that seasoned resource persons have been engaged to take participants on various issues as they affect the well being of women, their career and their families. She listed some of the topics to include ‘Living a Life of Purpose’, ‘Purpose of Marriage’, ‘Planning for Retirement’ and ‘Parenting Digital Children’, saying that the topics were tailored towards the advantages derivable when women act together, as against when they act individually. “The focus of the theme is to look at the collective impact when women come together to act as one, rather than when they act individually. In other words, it would focus on strength in numbers.

“The speakers would be taking participants on living a life of purpose. If you want to achieve something extraordinary tomorrow, you have to do something extraordinary today that would set you aside. You need to be in charge of your life, you need to have vision and acquire a skill. “They will also be speaking on the role of perseverance for you to have a successful marriage.

They will be exposing women on what to look out for before you say I do to someone and we are also counseling women to ensure that whichever man they want to marry shares same ideology and views about life with them and the man should love you unconditionally. For you to also have perseverance, you need to develop a will power from within,” Kadiri said. She said the conference would also give women tips on how to plan for retirement, while it would also focus on preventing domestic violence among vulnerable women as well as hazards of teenage pregnancy and how to mitigate such tendencies.

“If you find yourself to be vulnerable, what are you expected to do. We would be giving participants some help line, what they are expected to do if they find themselves in an abusive relationship and what the Lagos State Government has done in that regard. “We are also looking at parenting digital kids. Should we allow the children use the internet without checking the websites they visit so that they don’t open pornography sites and view what they are not supposed to see at their tender age. We are looking at the positive aspect and the negative aspect and the need for women to rise up to the occasion and raise balanced children,” Kadiri said.

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