3rd Mainland Bridge: Normal Vehicular Movement Returns

 3rd Mainland Bridge: Normal Vehicular Movement Returns

3rd mainland bridge

Normal vehicular movements have returned to the 3rd mainland bridge following the opening on Sunday evening.

For 65 consecutive hours, the 3rd mainland bridge was closed to vehicular movement. During the closure, dynamic tests were carried out on the structure for fitness.

The closure was scheduled to ensure that it did not spill over to the first workday of the week when traffic is expected to be heavy along this route.

With the assistance of the special traffic management team, the period experienced relatively free flow of traffic.

It is the first workday in the week and normal vehicular movements have resumed on the 3rd mainland bridge. And now that the investigative tests have been concluded and bridge is opened, the next phase is scheduled maintenance works on the identified areas.

According to the controller Federal Ministry of Works, the repair works are expected to commence in four months time.


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