5 things Nigeria is best known for around the world

What comes to mind when you hear ‘Nigeria’?

One in every five African is Nigerian; that is how large and populated Nigeria is. It is not just Africa’s most populous nation, but also Africa’s most popular nation. To some people in the west, every African is a Nigerian, one can hardly fault them; Nigerians are all around the globe, inscribing their names on the map of every continent. But what is the country most famous for across the globe?

Oil – The number one thing Africa’s giant is most famous for is petroleum. When you think oil, you think Nigeria. Nigeria remains Africa’s largest oil producer, though the country went from being 10th to 12th largest producer of oil in the world. Oil plays a major role in the country’s economy, accounting for about 70 percent of government revenue and 95 percent of foreign exchange income.

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  • A nation “interest group” under the siege of parochial, obsolete and inept leadership bound to ruin the destiny of 200M People in the 21st Century.!

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