5 things president told world leaders at summit

 5 things president told world leaders at summit

Here are 5 things President Buhari said at D-8 summit in Turkey.

President Muhammadu Buhari is currently attending the ninth D-8 summit in Istanbul, Turkey.

The D-8 organisation is made up of the following countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan, Nigeria, Iran and Egypt.

The overarching goal of the D-8 is to forge economic cooperation among member countries.

Buhari addressed the organisation on Friday, October 20.

Here are five areas he dwelt on:

1. Buhari sued for better trade and cooperation among member countries.

Buhari addresses the D8 summit; with his foreign affairs and trade ministers flanking himBuhari addresses the D8 summit; with his foreign affairs and trade ministers flanking him



He said: ‘As the D-8, we need to intensify our activities with a view to enhancing various measures and incentives introduced to promote trade and assist the business communities from member States to invest in our countries and widen our cooperation”.

2. The Nigerian leader said D-8 countries can do better in terms of integrating manufacturing structures.

“We need to work hard to establish integrated manufacturing structures and markets. I will like to reiterate the importance of increasing trade and investment among our Member States,’’ he said.

3. Buhari told his audience that Africa isn’t doing badly on the market development front.

He also announced plans for a single market on the continent.

“I am pleased to inform you of positive market developments currently in Africa, that will support our efforts as Members of the D-8 to enlarge our markets, facilitate our trade and investments, and develop our economies.

on the threshold of finalizing negotiations to establish the first ever Single Market for Trade in Goods and Services on our Continent, in the Continental Free Trade Area for Africa. This will be a win-win for all, including member countries of the D-8.

‘‘As partners, I urge that we work together to support this effort of the African Union that will have a positive effect on global economic development and integration,’’ he said.

Leaders of the developing and developed world gather in Istanbul for D8 sumiitplayLeaders of the developing and developed world gather in Istanbul for D8 sumiit



4. Buhari congratulated Turkey for assuming the new leadership role of the economic organisation.

He assured D-8 leaders that Nigeria will continue to support the Secretariat in its assignments in order to achieve the visions and objectives of the organisation.

5. The president told the world that Nigeria is now a very good place to do business.

He assured them that his administration is doing everything to forge an enabling business climate back home.

“Economies that grow fastest and at more sustainable rates are those that actively promote trade and attract investment. We are committed to creating an enabling environment and making Nigeria an attractive place for business and investment,’’ Buhari said.

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