50 Nations ‘Curbing Plastic Pollution’

 50 Nations ‘Curbing Plastic Pollution’

Fifty nations are now taking action to reduce plastic pollution, according to the biggest report so far from the UN.

It reveals that the Galapagos will ban single-use plastics, Sri Lanka will ban styrofoam and China is insisting on biodegradable bags.

But the authors warn that far more needs to be done to reduce the vast flow of plastic into rivers and oceans.

What’s more, they say, good policies to curb plastic waste in many nations have failed because of poor enforcement.

Action against plastic waste has many drivers across the world. In the UK it has been stimulated by media coverage.

In many developing countries, plastic bags are causing floods by blocking drains, or they’re being eaten by cattle.

The report says policies to combat plastic waste have had mixed results. In Cameroon, plastic bags are banned and households are paid for every kilo of plastic waste they collect, but still plastic bags are being smuggled in.

In several countries, rules on plastic exist but are poorly enforced.

National actions include:

  • Botswana – retailers charged but no enforcement and controls “failed”.
  • Eritrea – ban on plastic bags and dramatic decrease in drain blockage
  • Gambia – ban on plastic bags, but “reappearance after political impasse”
  • Morocco – bags banned – 421 tonnes of them seized in one year, virtually replaced by fabric
  • Bangladesh – ban on bags but lack of enforcement
  • China – was using three billion bags a year pre-2008. Now there is a ban on thin bags, use decreased 60-80% in supermarkets but not in markets.
  • Vietnam – bags are taxed but still widely used. Government considering increasing tax five times
  • Ireland – tax led to 90% fall in consumption
  • Kenya – cows ingested an average of 2.5 bags in their lifetimes. Now there’s a total ban, and fines and a four-year jail term for making, importing or using them.

Tolani Giwa

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