Adekunle Gold is featured in the Adidas Street Wear line.

 Adekunle Gold is featured in the Adidas Street Wear line.

Among the famous designers who created the Adidas Streetwear line, which is a reimagining of football jerseys, is Igbo international rockstar Adekunle Gold.

The exclusive off-pitch assortment, which was unveiled at a high-end fashion and culture event in New York City, includes lifestyle-focused variations of the third jersey for the 2023 season for some of the top teams in the world, including Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United, and Real Madrid.

Fans who wish to support their teams while showcasing their personal flair can do so by purchasing streetwear.

The Manchester United edition was designed for wearability by Nigerian award-winning worldwide music artist Adekunle Gold so that supporters may express their devotion in greater ease and flair.

Adidas collaborated with each club to select a Creative Lead, drawing inspiration from the fashion and music industries and ensuring that each team’s distinctive flare and originality were conveyed.

Other world-renowned artists, such as Mexican rapper Alemán who created the streetwear for Real Madrid, and Grammy-nominated American rapper Pusha T who created the version for Arsenal, join Adekunle Gold.

The Nigerian superstar recently released his fifth album, “Tequila Ever After,” to critical acclaim for its aural richness and pan-African appeal. He is about to go on tour. Two of the biggest Afrobeats singles of 2023, “Party No Dey Stop” and “Ogaranya,” were produced for the album.


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