Adesua Etomi Stuns As She Covers Genevieve Magazine

 Adesua Etomi Stuns As She Covers Genevieve Magazine

Adesua EtomiAdesua Etomi.jpg1Adesua EtomiNollywood Sweetheart Adesua Etomi is the cover star for Genevieve Magazine‘s July 2018 issue.The travel issue is also double cover and according to the magazine, this is because they couldn’t decide which one to go with.

In her interview, Adesua Etomi charms with her wit, intelligence, beauty, and talent as she shares her thoughts on married life, space travel and so much more.

Read excerpts from her interview below:

If you could, at this very moment, go anywhere – with no limits – where would you go and why?: I’d go to space. I’m very curious about the things that I can’t see and things I haven’t experienced. I know that there are many places on earth but I’m very curious about space and particularly envious of people that have been. They’ve experienced what most people have never – and will never – experience.

Do you agree that if you share your private life with the rest of the world, it is no longer yours alone?: I don’t necessarily agree with that because it depends on what is consistently shared. People share what they are comfortable with and withhold what they’d rather keep private. I can see the rationale behind it, but I don’t think it’s so black and white.

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