Ambode Criminalises Land Grabbing In Lagos

 Ambode Criminalises Land Grabbing In Lagos

Ambode-criminalises-land-grabbing-in-LagosLagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, has signed into law an act prohibiting the activities on land grabbers in the State.
The Lagos State Properties Protection Law, according to the governor, was enacted to save would would-be property owners and investors from harassed and exploited by land grabbers.
Ambode noted that the activities of land grabbers had discouraged investors and hindered the ease of doing business in the State.
“The Lagos State Properties Protection Law will give legal backing to the operations of our law enforcement officers,” said Ambode at the signing ceremony held in Lagos on Monday.
“The main objective of this Law is to ensure that our investors, businessmen and the general populace carry on their legitimate land/property transactions without any hindrance or intimidation henceforth.
“The Properties Law will eliminate the activities of persons or corporate entities who use force and intimidation to dispossess or prevent any person or entity from acquiring legitimate interest and possession of property, ensure that the Special Task Force on Land-Grabbers work with all Security agencies to ensure enforcement of State Government and Private property rights in the State, and ensure proper coordination of the efforts of the various agencies of Government charged with enforcing the State Government’s rights over land in Lagos.”
The governor said the presence of the heads of the three arms of government – the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary, at the signing ceremony was a confirmation of the seriousness and resolve of the government of Lagos State to address the issues once and for all.


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