Argentina’s Navy Locates Missing Submarine

 Argentina’s Navy Locates Missing Submarine

Argentina’s Navy says its ARA San Juan submarine, which has been missing since Wednesday, reported a mechanical breakdown in its last communication.
The submarine, with 44 crew on board, disappeared 430km (267 miles) off the Argentine coast and no trace of it has been found.
“The vessel surfaced and it reported a breakdown,” naval commander Gabriel Galeazzi said.
However, the brother of a crew member had earlier told local media that in a message before communications were lost his sibling had mentioned that the vessel was having problems with its batteries.
Captain Galeazzi, who heads the naval base in Mar del Plata, south of Buenos Aires, said that mechanical problems were not uncommon and rarely posed a risk.
The naval commander said that the submarine had been asked to cut short its patrol and go directly to Mar del Plata.


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