Army Recovers Remains of Soldier Killed In Agatu

 Army Recovers Remains of Soldier Killed In Agatu

The military has recovered the remains of the soldier killed at Oweto in Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State two days ago. A cache of weapons was also recovered.

Briefing reporters yesterday, the Commander, 707 Special Forces Brigade, Brigadier General Clement Apeere, said their operation will continue until all the masterminds of the murder were apprehended.

Recounting the circumstances that led to the death of the soldier, General Apeere said he was killed while trying to rescue a colleague, who was being molested by a gang of militant Agatu youths.
He said: “While doing this, one of the militants shot him from behind. Private Badamasi Aminu died on the spot. The militants immediately left the scene with the soldier’s weapon and two magazines of ammunition of 30 rounds each.

“Consequently, the troops conducted cordon-and-search operations to apprehend the youth militia that committed the act and also recover the soldiers’ rifles and ammunition they carted away.

“During the operations, we arrested some of those suspects responsible for the attack, death and injury of the soldiers and the stealing of the weapon, while the weapons carted away were also recovered including police and military kits.

“Similarly, several sophisticated weapons, ammunition, police and military kits, among others, were recovered. The weapons include two AK-47 rifles, two SLR rifles, two G3 rifles, one fabricated pistol, three locally-made pistols, two short-barrelled local revolvers and 14 Dane guns.
“Others include 14 AK-47 magazines, three SLR magazines, one AK-47 magazine filler and different types of ammunition. Bags of substances suspected to be Indian hemp were also recovered in the operation.

“It is also pertinent to note that some of the equipment recovered, such as bullet proof jackets and two ballistic helmets, have been identified as belonging to our troops that were ambushed and killed in Oweto village in January 2014.
General Apeere assured that the operation is being carried out in line with laid down rules of engagement without threat to life and property of the people of the area, adding “we have not sacked any village or killed anyone in this operation.”

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