Biden makes an Emotive plea for Gun Violence Action.

 Biden makes an Emotive plea for Gun Violence Action.
On Thursday, US President Joe Biden made passionate plea to lawmakers to adopt stricter gun control legislation, including ban on assault weapons, in order to combat the scourge of mass shootings that have turned American towns into “killing fields.”
With 56 lighted candles lined along long hallway behind him, representing US states and territories suffering from gun violence, Biden delivered the 17-minute address – his latest appeal for stronger weapons laws.


“How much more bloodshed are we going to accept?” the president said in his speech, which he delivered with rage in his voice and at times bordered on whispering.

We can’t fail the American people again,” he said, condemning the refusal of a majority of Republican senators to support tougher laws as “unconscionable.”

At a minimum, Biden said, lawmakers should raise the age at which assault weapons can be purchased from 18 to 21.

He also urged them to take steps including strengthening background checks, banning high-capacity magazines, mandating safe storage of firearms, and allowing gun manufacturers to be held liable for crimes committed with their products.

“Over the last two decades, more school-age children have died from guns than on-duty police officers and active-duty military combined. Think about that,” Biden said.

He highlighted the story of a young student who smeared a dead classmate’s blood on herself to hide from a gunman at a Texas elementary school, saying: “Imagine what it would be like for her to walk down the hallway of any school again.”

“There are too many other schools, too many other everyday places that have become killing fields, battlefields here in America,” Biden said.

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