Boko Haram: Army Conducts Raids In Adamawa.

 Boko Haram: Army Conducts Raids In Adamawa.

The Nigerian Army has said that its troops are conducting fighting patrols and raids in Adamawa State and in the North-East Theatre of Operation generally to stop the onslaughts of the Boko Haram terrorists in the region.

The army told our correspondent on Wednesday that “we are always on fighting patrols and we are carrying out raids of identified Boko Haram hideouts.”

The Boko Haram fighters were reported to have attacked two villages in the Michika and Madagali areas of Adamawa State on Monday and Tuesday, burning houses and forcing many residents to abandon their homes and relocate.

The villages identified as Kofar Adamawa and Kofar Borno were attacked around 6.30pm on Monday and the two roads leading to the areas were blocked by the insurgents.

The terrorists had reportedly threatened even the sick, the elderly and children at gunpoint as they looted the villages’ food stores and shot sporadically.

The Boko Haram were said to have been on a revenge mission after they were repelled by troops and suffered casualties about a week ago.

An authoritative source at the Nigerian Army Headquarters, Abuja, who asked not to be named, told our correspondent on Wednesday that fighting patrols and raids of identified hideouts were ongoing.

He said, “Our troops are on patrols; fighting patrols. And wherever there is credible intelligence reports of likely hideouts of Boko Haram terrorists, our troops go out for raids and fighting patrols. We are carrying out the raids of identified Boko Haram hideouts.

“In any operation and anti-terrorism operation in the North-East generally, the troops are conducting robust patrols day in and day out. They are always on the standby. I cannot give you the figures of casualties of the insurgents unless I speak with the commander on the ground.”

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