Bomb Kills Five Somali Soldiers In Mogadishu

 Bomb Kills Five Somali Soldiers In Mogadishu


A bomb blast killed five soldiers and injured a dozen other people in the Somali capital on Thursday, a municipal spokesman said, hours after a car bombing at a checkpoint.

A spokesman for Islamist al Shabaab militants claimed the attack on the soldiers.

He did not comment on the first attack.

“We targeted the so-called government soldiers,” Reuters quoted al Shabaab spokesman, Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, as saying on the matter.

Al Shabaab has been trying to disrupt Somalia’s protracted parliamentary elections – part of efforts to rebuild the fractured nation after decades of war. The three-month vote is due to end on December 29.

Abdifatah Omar Halane, spokesman for Mogadishu municipality, said a bomb planted under a tree outside a tea shop had killed at least five soldiers and wounded a dozen other people, including civilians.

“We heard a huge blast and soon we saw people lying under the tree, some dead, others yelling for help,” shopkeeper Nur Abdullahi said. “Among the injured ones were two young children.”


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