The Senate Committee on Appropriation considering submissions of sub-committees on Thursday discovered N5 billion shortfall in the amount provided for meal subsidy for unity schools across the country.

The shortfall also involved the personnel cost for Kings College Lagos as submitted in the 2016 budget proposal by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The discoveries were made during collation of the 2016 budget of Senate Committee on Basic and Secondary Education by the Appropriation Committee.

The Vice Chairman of the Committee on Education, Senator Rose Oko, who presented the report, explained that only N6.8 billion was proposed for meal subsidy for unity schools instead of N11.2b needed.

Senator Oko noted that the amount is grossly inadequate for the unity schools meal subsidy, insisting that the amount provided will only last for six months.

She underscored the need to look for N5 billion to meet up with this shortfall in the interest of the schools.

Senator Oko also informed the Appropriation Committee about the N338 million omission in the personnel cost of the Kings College‎



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