Buhari Asks Nigerians In Diaspora To Excel

 Buhari Asks Nigerians In Diaspora To Excel

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday commended Nigerians living in the US for the exemplary roles they play in their different areas of endeavour, which has led to some of them being appointed into government.

“It is gratifying for me to note that many Nigerians in the USA have continued to excel in their careers leading to some being appointed into the cabinet of His Excellency President Joe Biden,” he said while speaking to Nigerians living in New York, according to a statement issued by a presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina.

He urged them to continue to demonstrate the highest sense of responsibility so they can continue to remain reference points of excellence in the US.

Mr Buhari also emphasised the need for the diasporans to continue to remain law abiding as they live in the US and “comport yourselves in such exemplary manners that should earn you the privilege of reference as good Ambassadors of Nigeria.”

He also urged them to live with one another peacefully in order to earn collective self-respect.

Furthermore, Mr Buhari said, “as our Diaspora Ambassadors, we expect your willingness to ‘give back’ to Nigeria some of your resources, talents, skills and global exposure in the development of our great country, Nigeria.”

The president also commended the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission for coordinating the meeting between the president and the diasporans.

He gave assurances that the government will continue to support Nigerians living abroad, citing recent evacuations from Libya, South Africa and Ukraine. He added that he had also approved the same in UAE and India.

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