Burglars loot $1m worth of Beyonce’s Property

 Burglars loot $1m worth of Beyonce’s Property

Burglars have reportedly stolen over a million dollars worth of Beyonce’s possessions this month.

The Los Angeles Police Department said the burglars made away with valuables from three storage units rented by Parkwood Entertainment, the Grammy winner’s production company, TMZ reported.

Valuables carted away included pricy handbags, dresses, children’s play toys and pictures. The thieves were also said to have burgled the units twice within this month.

It was also reported that this sort of robbery has been on the rise recently. Miley Cyrus was also recently reported to have lost clothes, family pictures and mementoes from her storage unit.

While the Los Angeles Police Department continues to investigate, no arrests have been made yet.

Ayomide Oyewole

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