Carnival Float Crashes In Rio, Injures 20

 Carnival Float Crashes In Rio, Injures 20

A large float crashed into revellers at Rio de janeiro’s carnival celebrations, injuring 20 people, eight of them so seriously that they had to be taken to hospital, the news portal o globo reported on monday.
At least three people suffered broken bones and one man was crushed against a security barrier by the vehicle, according to a dpa reporter at the scene of sunday’s accident.
The accident occurred at the beginning of the main samba parade area, known as the sambadromo, as a float from the paraiso do tuiuti samba school drove into a crowd of people.
The parade was initially stopped, to allow ambulances and fire trucks to access the area, before organizers announced that the parade would continue.
The float has been given over to police investigators for examination.
The samba school dance finals are one of the high points of Rio’s carnival celebrations.
Twelve schools, with over 3,000 dancers and musicians each, dance late into the night on Sunday and Monday competing for the title of this year’s best samba school.
Carnival of Brazil is an annual Brazilian festival held between the Friday afternoon (51 days before easter) and ash wednesday at noon, which marks the beginning of lent, the forty-day period before easter.
On certain days of lent, Roman catholics and some other christians traditionally abstained from the consumption of meat and poultry, hence the term “carnival,” from carnelevare, “to remove (literally, “raise”) meat.”


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