China Seeks to Deepen Relations With Nigeria.

 China Seeks to Deepen Relations With Nigeria.

The Chinese Government has expressed willingness to deepen its relationship with Nigeria in economic and educational exchanges.
Cui Bo, Leader of a delegation of Chinese Business Community in the country and Ambassador Zhou Pinjian, the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, made the call during a courtesy visit to the House of Representatives, on Monday in Abuja.
Cui said: “I think in order to promote the friendly relations as well as economic cooperation between the countries we need to work not only on the national level but also at the local level.
“That is why we came here.”

Cui said it was the delegation’s third day in Nigeria.
He said that the delegation visited some of the free trade zones, some Chinese companies and some sites in the country and found that Nigeria was a beautiful country.
He said: “The delegation also found out that Nigeria was blessed with very rich natural resources and on good natural conditions as the country had great potentials for development.
“I also found that the people are all in good condition and they leave happily here.
“The construction of the infrastructural facilities is also being finished quickly.

“This demonstrates that Nigeria has achieved greatly under the leadership of the President Muhammadu Buhari and the National Assembly.
“It is to my knowledge that the exchanges between Nigeria and China at different levels are quite frequent recently and close.

“I think these achievements could be attributed to the strong leadership of the National Assembly and the Nigeria-China relations Chamber and I fully respect your efforts in this.

“I also understand that the President of your country as well as your government are always supporting the one China policy and also active in the participation of the birth and role initiative.
“During the last session of the National Assembly, Nigeria-China Chamber did a lot to promote the exchanges between the peoples of the two countries as well as exchanges in economic and culture.
“This has contributed greatly to the consolidation of the relationships between China and Nigeria and we also fully respect your efforts.”

Earlier, Hon. Yusuf Yakub, Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Nigeria-China Relations and member representing Gombi/Hong Federal Constituency of Adamawa State, received the delegation on behalf of the parliament, the Speaker and the Government.
He said that the Nigeria-China committee was a special committee formed by the House of Representatives to see that the relationship between the two countries was solidified.
He said: “We have been working with the Ambassador and we have done a lot of things for the benefit of the two countries.
“On behalf of my speaker and government, I welcome your delegation.

“We will do everything within our power to make sure that all your plans and dreams of cooperation with Nigeria is achieved.”

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