Coronavirus: Nigeria records Highest Daily tally since August.

 Coronavirus: Nigeria records Highest Daily tally since August.

Nigeria’s new COVID-19 infections have increased in the last two weeks, a review of official data shows, suggesting a possible resurgence in COVID-19 cases after weeks of low numbers.

Last week (November 1-7), the country recorded 937 new cases, a two per cent increase from the previous week’s record of 923 cases which was a 32 per cent an increase from the preceding week.

Some European and American countries that thought they had passed the worst stage of the pandemic are seeing an increase in new cases, raising concerns over a possible second wave with many countries imposing a second round of lockdown.

Both Nigerians and the government appear to be lax about adhering to and enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols lately, a situation health experts fear could trigger a dire outcome if a new wave of the disease eventually comes.

The latest NCDC update is coming about two weeks after the #EndSARS protest, in which Nigerian youth demanded the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigerian police.

Thousands of youth trooped out across the country especially in its capital, Abuja, and the commercial nerve, Lagos, defying repeated calls by the country’s infectious disease outfit, NCDC, and health experts to avoid mass gathering.

Several COVID-19 protocols including the use of face masks and maintenance of social distancing were breached as there were mammoth crowds of protesters packed in tight spaces without face masks.

Ayomide Oyewole

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