Covid -19: Alimosho General Hospital Retrains Frontline Health Workers

 Covid -19: Alimosho General Hospital Retrains Frontline Health Workers

The Medical Director, Alimosho General Hospital, Igando, Dr. Madewa Adebajo has stated that natural ventilation has been identified as one of the ways of curbing the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at Public Health facilities.

Dr. Adebajo, who disclosed this at a training session organised for the hospital healthcare providers on Wednesday, explained that natural aeration prevents moisture emitted from asymptomatic carriers to hang in the air, which is why it is imperative to establish a triage station at all clinics, each day, whilst observing a high level of clinical suspicion on COVID -19, towards ailing presenting patients.

“We must earnestly protect ourselves, for our safety depends on humanity’s survival at containing the community spread, since the virus is sporadically transmitted in droplets of infected victims to susceptible victims who do not observe social distancing or handwashing hygiene”, he charged.

While affirming that exposure to surfaces requires 70% ethyl alcohol for decontamination, the Medical Director expressed hope for strict adherence to the use of protective masks by all health workers, stressing that the face should be well covered and protected, being the route of entry to the body by the virus.

He said, “It is standard to wear a face mask in this hospital, otherwise, no consultation is extended to patients. Imbibing this habit will certainly break the chain of transmission. Hence, it is important not to touch your face at all following inadvertent exposure, even as you practice incessant hand washing”.

The Medical Director emphasised that there is need for all frontline health workers to apply hand sanitiser before removing the PPE, followed immediately by hand washing practice, stressing that a pandemic usually affects a large number of people exposed to its spread, hence, adequate care and caution must be observed by all.

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