Davido Cancels US Tour, To Return To NYSC Camp

 Davido Cancels US Tour, To Return To NYSC Camp

Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has rescheduled his United States tour to focus on the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme, which he is currently undergoing.

The singer made this known on Friday, on his Instagram page, where he revealed that the dates of his tour conflicts with his NYSC programme.The public had questioned the singer’s absence from the compulsory three-week orientation, which mighty be a violation of the NYSC bye-laws.

Davido had embarked on a music tour in Boston, United States, hours after he completed his registration on camp.

Excerpts from the NYSC Bye-laws revised in 1993 give strict rules for corps members during the orientation period.

According to Schedule 1: 3b: “During the period of orientation, every member shall:

(i) Attend regularly, punctually and participate fully in all official engagements on the field, at lecture and all places of work;

(ii) Not leave the Orientation Camp or absent himself from any official activity without the written consent of the State Director or his representative;

(iii) When absent from his duties on account of illness ensure that such absence is covered by an “Excuse Duty Certificate” issued by a medical doctor then on duty at the camp.”

The bye-laws also state penalties for leaving the camp without the permission of the State Director.

According to Schedule 2: 1b states that:

“The following penalties shall be imposed in the following circumstances.

“Leaving the camp without permission of the State Director” will attract “extension of the service year by double the number of days for which the member was absent from his camp and forfeiture of his allowance for the same number of days of which he was absent.”

The NYSC Bye-laws of 1993 form the code guiding every corps member in the country.

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