Defence Headquarters Warns Against Unwholesome Acts

 Defence Headquarters Warns Against Unwholesome Acts

The Defence Headquarters in Nigeria has issued a strong warning to persons or groups seeking to engage in acts capable of causing a breakdown of law and order.
The warning was contained in a statement by the spokesman for the Defence Headquarters, Brigadier General Rabe Abubakar.
Although the groups were not mentioned in the statement, the military advised Nigerians to refrain from taking laws into their hands and avoid actions that may cause breach to harmonious co-existence.
“Individuals or groups seeking relevance should follow the due process in accordance with the law of our land and not through acts of brigandary,” the statement read.
General Abubakar also advised the general public to ignore inciting pictures, videos and statements posted in some social media platforms which he said were confirmed to be the creation of photoshops with the intention of causing disharmony and divisions among different nationalities.
He further stressed that the military and the security agencies would continue to sustain the current tempo against terrorists, oil thieves, cattle rustlers and other forms of criminalities.
The Defence Headquarters also urge all law abiding Nigerians to go about their normal businesses and report any suspicious persons or object to the nearest security post for prompt action.


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