DMX manager Confirms Rapper still alive amid Death Rumours.

 DMX manager Confirms Rapper still alive amid Death Rumours.

DMX’s manager of three years, Steve Rifkind, has debunked rumours that the rapper is dead, confirming that the fifty-year-old is still on life support.

In a video uploaded on his Instagram page, Rifkind said, “Everybody, please stop with posting these rumors. DMX is still alive. Yes, he is on life support, but please, it’s not helping anybody by having them see these false rumors. Let the family relax for a night.”

Rifkind affirmed that the rapper’s family will publish a statement on Friday.

Rumours of DMX’s death trended on social media on Thursday night after comedian Luenell Campbell posted a message on her Instagram story which suggested that the rapper had passed away.

In the Instagram story, she wrote: “It is over. My friend is gone. Soar with the birds. Join the best that ever did it. RIP… DMX.”

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, had suffered from a drug overdose on April 2 and is currently in critical condition in the hospital, with sources who are close to the rapper saying that it triggered a heart attack.

The rapper has not regained any brain function nearly a week after his alleged overdose and the family may have to make the painful decision of whether or not to withdraw his life support.

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