Drug Abuse Suspects Arrested In Yaba

 Drug Abuse Suspects Arrested In Yaba

War Against Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse Suspects

Not Less than three suspects have been arrested for  unlawful Possession of Banned Substances/Controlled drugs including Lumatem,Amcloxin Capsules, Analgin Injection and TRAMADOL Tablets were items recovered from the suspects.

C P  assures residents of IGANDO of maximum security.

 It was a Parade loaded as usual with shocking Discoveries. Banned Substances and controlled drugs recovered from three main suspected drug dealers, location  IDDO  Motor  Park,  YABA Lagos.
Crime records reveal that on the 24th May 2018 a case of stealing,  and obtaining under false pretence through a fake alert, and impersonation was recorded which amounts to drug abuse.
Cases of Armed Robbery,  Forgery, Unlawful Possession of Fake Motorcycle number plates, arrest of suspected cultists were recorded as well Dangerous items,  Exhibits  recovered
Thereafter,  the Police Commissioner and his delegates headed for IGANDO axis to further fortify the Area

Mariam Harun

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