Educational Stakeholder’s Urged To Register Children Properly

 Educational Stakeholder’s Urged To Register Children Properly

Educational stakeholder's The need for proper registration and capturing of all information regarding the operations of creches in the data bank of Lagos state has been emphasized. This was made known at a stakeholder’s meeting with owners of creches in Lagos state.
Research has shown that  years 0-8 are critical in a child’s
development,therefore Early childhood services are essential to promoting positive outcomes for children in these formative years.

To provide the foundation for early child educators
and services to assist children reach their potential and develop foundations for future learning achievement,a stakeholders meeting was held between the Commissioner for youth and social development in Lagos state,Agboola Dabiri and owners and administrators of daycares and creches in the state .

The meeting was to set out key principles, practices and
outcomes for early childhood and daycare centers.
The stakeholders assured that they will imbibe and implement the principles of the Lagos state child rights law in their operations.
Meanwhile,parents were advised to apply safety measures in and around the house and also checkmate the activities that of their wards during the holidays.

Mariam Harun

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