Erelu Kuti Of Lagos Appeals For Peace In Iru-land

 Erelu Kuti Of Lagos Appeals For Peace In Iru-land

The Erelu Kuti of Lagos, Dr. Abiola Dosumu has called on all warring parties in iru land to sheath their swords and allow peace to reign in the kingdom.

The Erelu who made the appeal today in a statement explained that she had followed with utter dismay and pain the occurrences that have arisen in Iru-land in recent times stressing that she would be guilty of disservice to the Kingdoms of Lagos if she didn’t lend her voice with those calling for peace.

“As the Erelu Kuti of Lagos-the Queen mother, mother of Royalties of the Kingdoms of Lagos who has been enthroned since 1974, over forty years ago, I am honoured and legitimately bound to sue for peace.

“I have learnt from our grandfathers with whom I was privileged to sit, rule and acquire great knowledge with wisdom. The Almighty in His great mercy has preserved my life till today to continue to interact with the current generations of Obas who exhibit even more progressive agenda. And if I do not lend my voice with those calling for peace, I shall be guilty of disservice to the Kingdoms of Lagos,” she averred.

She pointed out that ascension to thrones in Lagos has since ceased to be transition from father to son except for some extreme exceptions adding that it has always been by rotation of various family branches.

Erelu Dosunmu explained that the struggle to attain the throne has become the survival of the fittest among the princes within the legitimate ruling house and not even by age or any set order hence she called on every ruling house that have vied for the throne to rally round and support the new Oniru of Iru Kingdom.

“I have seen many transitions from one Oba to the other, it usually starts with struggles and acrimony but once a successor is crowned we usually ‘Je Ebure’ and rally round the new monarch and continue to live in harmony. We are all from one big Iroko tree.

“I therefore use this medium to appeal to all the warring parties to sheath their swords and allow peace to reign. Iru-land is a highbrow part of Greater Lagos which has enjoyed relative peace and cordial co-existence. This acumen is the legacy bequeathed to us by our illustrious ancestors which we must guard jealously because therein lies our strength which has made our kingdoms prosperous, sustainable and the envy of others,” the Erelu opined.

She thanked God for the peaceful enthronement of the new king of Iru-land, Oba AbdulWaisu Omogbolahan Lawal, Abisogun II and urged all princes, princesses and residents of Iru Kingdom to support the new king who she noted is a seasoned administrator and a well cultured gentleman that will take the Kingdom to greater heights in the areas of development, education and prosperity for all.“I would like to appeal to the management body of the affairs of Iru-land under our revered immediate past ruler to collaborate with our new king so as to effect peaceful transition. We, the members of the royal kingdoms of Lagos are experts in peaceful co-existence and acceptance of all and sundry. We must continue to lead by this example and therefore all grievances should be settled on a roundtable in-council under the new ruler Kabiyesi Oba AbdulWaisu Omogbolahan Lawal Abisogun II the Oniru of Iru,” she added.

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