Explosion kills 10 in Russia’s Metro Train

 Explosion kills 10 in Russia’s Metro Train

At least 10 people were killed by an explosion inside a metro train at the Sennaya Square station in St. Petersburg in Russia.

Report says an unidentified device exploded in a train car.

“According to information available at this point ten people died. Others were injured,” a source said.

The number of casualties was still to be specified and rescue workers and law enforcement personnel are working at the scene.

Meanwhile evacuation of people from St. Petersburg’s metro after an explosion is now over, Andrei Przhezdomsky, a spokesman for the National Anti-terrorist Committee (NAC).

“So far, we say it was an unidentified explosive device as investigators and the Federal Security Service’s bomb specialists are to establish the exact cause of this explosion… Evacuation is over, medical assistance is offered to those hurt,” he said.

“All necessary measures are being taken to ensure people’s security. We will do our best to prevent more possible explosions and other criminal actions,” he pledged.

Seven metro stations in the city have been closed following the blast.

They are Park Pobedy, Elektrosila, Moskovskiye Vorota, Frunzenskaya, Tekhnologichesky Institut, Sennaya Ploshchad and Gostiny Dvor.

Security measures have been enhanced at St. Petersburg’s airport Pulkovo following the explosion, TASS reports.

“The airport has tightened security measures, including security control at the airport’s entrances and pre-flight inspections.”

Law enforcement agencies are taking all necessary security measure, head of the Information Center of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, assured.

FSB specialists together with investigators will quickly investigate the circumstances,” he said.

“All necessary measures to ensure the safety of citizens are taken. We will do everything to avert other possible explosions or other deeds of crime,” he added.

“At the moment we say this is an unidentified explosive device, as investigators and bomb specialists of the Federal Security Service (FSB) must clearly define the cause of the blast,” Przhezdomsky said.

“We know that people were killed or wounded, their number is updated. Evacuation as such has ended, and aid is administered to the injured,” he went on.

He said all necessary material and human resources were pulled in to the site.


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