FG Apologizes To Nigerians Over Fuel Scarcity

 FG Apologizes To Nigerians Over Fuel Scarcity

LAI-MUHAMMEDThe Minister of Information, Mr Lai Mohammed empathized with Nigerians on the pains they have gone through over the last one month owing to fuel scarcity across the states.Speaking to newsmen he said that federal authorities were doing everything within their powers to normalize the situation.

He stated further that the efforts so far made by the federal government have paid off as the fuel situation was gradually being normalized with cargoes of refined product being discharged in major cities across the country.
In addition, the Warri refinery, according to the Minister of Information has since been working and has 19 million litres of the product, helping to put the quantity of product in the reserve to 430 million litres.
“As from tomorrow we are going to deploy 1,300 trucks of all over Nigeria to ensure that the fuel situation gets much better,” he said, expressing confidence that this quantity being distributed daily would put an end to the fuel scarcity.
“We empathize with Nigerians, we salute their courage and perseverance and I want to assure them that the change they voted for is real, that change will come and that all the challenges we are facing today are very temporary,”the Minister said.
He also said that the federal government plans to build modular refineries.


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