FIFA Fines Nigeria For Use Of Ineligible Player

 FIFA Fines Nigeria For Use Of Ineligible Player

The World football governing body FIFA has sanctioned Nigeria for fielding an ineligible player in Shehu Abdullahi in their final FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifiers tie against Algeria on the 10th of November 2017 in Constantine.

Abdullahi who played the entire duration of the game and even gave away the penalty, which Algeria converted to draw 1-1 ‎ isn’t eligible for the game after picking up two separate caution in two separate games of the same competition.

He was supposed to be suspended for the game but Nigeria fielded him, and FIFA have now confirmed a fine on Nigeria following the recent meeting of the Disciplinary Committee earlier today.

Nigeria were fined 7,000 dollars with FIFA also awarding Algeria three points and three goals, which means the game which ended 1-1 is now recorded as 3-0 in favour of Algeria.

However the victory awarded to Algeria, has no implication on the ‎final standings of the group as Nigeria have already qualified for the World Cup, while Algeria were confirmed eliminated before the game.


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