FIRS Begins Sealing Off Business Premises

 FIRS Begins Sealing Off Business Premises

FIRSThe Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS),Ebonyi State Office has begun sealing off business offices that have defaulted in their tax payment.
This is one of the new strategies adopted by the Controller of the Service in the State, Comrade Effiong Kenneth to drive up revenue generation.
The measures is now paying off as the office of the service in Abakaliki is now a beehive of activities as people throng the office to pay their tax to get their offices reopened or to avoid being shut down.
Other measures introduced include tax notices and workshops.
The Controller said these measures did not seem to have had the desired effects hence the new measures of sealing offices.
He said: “we know things are difficult, but this does not exonerate tax payment. It is the duty of a good citizen to pay his tax. As a Christian, it is a sin not to pay tax because our Lord Jesus humbly did it, so that the wordly government will not be disrupted”
“At a time period external revenue from oil is dwindling, while government responsibilities is increasing, it is left for government to look inwards”
“And why the people are grumbling is because many have not been paying their tax in the past and now they see it as unjust policy”
“I don’t blame the people because, when oil revenue was there, government cared less about tax payment and collection making the people think that it is a new policy of exploitation introduced by the authorities”.


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