Game Of Thrones Season Seven Finale Sets A New Record

 Game Of Thrones Season Seven Finale Sets A New Record

Game of Thrones Season Seven ended with a bang as the episode broke the record to become HBO’s most watched show ever. The episode titled The Dragon and the Wolf attracted 12.1 million viewers, according to Neilson. This is a 36% increase over the 8.9 million who watched the season six finale in 2016.

When views on HBO Go and the stand-alone HBO Now app were included, the episode had 16.5 million viewers.

Game of Thrones has been HBO’s most popular show for a while now, and its audience is ever-increasing.

Sunday’s total viewership was up 36 percent over last year’s finale, which had 8.9 million viewers, and it was 19 percent better than the sixth-season premiere in July, which had 10.1 million viewers.

HBO told The New York Times that each episode of season seven is averaging more than 30 million in delayed viewing, which is, on average, eight million more viewers than the last season’s episodes reached.

This record is good news for HBO which has had a rocky summer, no thanks to a hack and the controversy surrounding the announcement of a new drama in development, “Confederate.”

There is a bit of bad news for the show’s fans though. The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will have only six feature-length episodes, and may not premiere until 2019 due to its production schedule.

HBO is also developing potential “Thrones” prequels.

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