German singer Hannah Guendemir: Why I’m doing Afrobeat

 German singer Hannah Guendemir: Why I’m doing Afrobeat

German-born singer, Hannah Guendemir, has explained why she decided to pursue a music career in Afrobeat.

In a brief chat, Guendemir said she perceives the Afrobeat genre as too much connected to be ignored.

“Me for myself, I perceive the genre Afrobeats as too much connected with other aspects of African culture to just ignore these elements,” she said.

Her penchant for knowledge on the genre of music and its source saw Guendemir adopting an African name, Oyin, as her new stage name.

Guendemir further stressed that she tries to approach Afrobeat with due respect to put it in a bigger context. The singer-songwriter and music producer left German, moved to Portugal, and later the United Kingdom to deeper connect with creators, promoters, and lovers of African music.

“I always tried to approach the music with all due respect and put it in a bigger context and I guess that is what my fans and supporters see and why they accept me as a part of this genre,” she said.

Though growing up in a multicultural neighbourhood in Germany influenced her passion for Afrobeats, the singer says, “Music is for everyone, regardless of the genre or your background.”

In 2019, Guendemir released ‘To Se Daada,’ a charming Afrobeats song in the African languages Pidgin and Yoruba that topped the Boomplay chat.

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