Gordons Apologises For Calling Tuface Illiterate

 Gordons Apologises For Calling Tuface Illiterate

Popular Nigerian comedian, Gordons, has apologised for calling Tuface an illiterate.
Gordons said this after Tuface backed out from leading the nationwide anti-government protest of Monday.
Tuface initiated the protest but called it off Saturday evening.
The cancellation triggered reactions especially on various social media platforms.
In a video posted on Instagram Tuesday by Goldmyne TV, Gordons was seen firing shots at the popular Nigerian pop star, suggesting that Tuface used a wrong approach in airing his grievances.
“Tuface is my mentor when it comes to music, he is one musician I adore, legendary to me. But you cannot use a tool that you are not used to.
“When Fela was fighting government, he used a tool that he was used to and that was music.
“Sunny Okposo before he died, he was fighting (for) freedom with a tool that he was used to.
“How on earth will Tuface be fighting a fight that he is not used to? Tuface is not a politician, he is a musician.
“If you want to lead a protest, he should lead it with music.
“How are you going to express yourself Tuface, when Microphone is right in your face and you are asked to express your grievance? You can’t express yourself; it’s not your game. Do it with music that you are used to.
“Tuface is the only illiterate who can sing correctly in music”, he said.
This however did not sit well with fans as they took to social media to blast Gordons for publicly calling out Tuface in such a manner.
The reactions however spurred Gordons to tender an open apology on Instagram.
“Whats up people, I just did an SMS of an apology to Tuface and his family because sometimes people misunderstand the reason why we do what we do. I am just a comedian I’m just like a gynaecologist who is doing his job, it doesn’t matter who comes, I will do my job”, he said.
“This is not intended to insult Tuface or the family.
“But I understand the situation we are in and I felt that was a little bit below the belt and I had to apologize, so fans please take it easy with Tuface and the family. This was not intended to bring a fight. Thank you so very much, thanks for all the love and support, peace”, he added.
However, Tuface in a recent post on Instagram, thanked Nigerians for lending their voices to the cause, adding that he was not moved by those calling him a coward for backing out.


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