How APC Liberated Kwara From Saraki’s Dynasty – Lai Mohammed.

 How APC Liberated Kwara From Saraki’s Dynasty – Lai Mohammed.

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MINISTER of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has linked the victories of the All Progressives Congress, in the Presidential and National Assembly polls in Kwara State to the use of the O Te Ge (enough is enough) slogan, which he said captured the aspirations of Kwarans to extricate themselves from the hold of the Saraki

political dynasty. Lai Mohammed Igbo should stop emotional politics – Oye Mohammed, who said he was confident that President Muhammadu Buhari would win re-election because of his performance, revealed the secret of APCs victory in Kwara, yesterday, while hosting the management of his ministry during a congratulatory visit in Abuja. On the

party’s victory in Kwara, the minister said: ‘‘I thank you for appreciating our modest effort, both in delivering Kwara State from the grip of a crippling hegemony, and in ensuring massive victory for Mr. President in the presidential election. ‘‘I must stress – and I have said this before – that the credit for the liberation of Kwara goes

to the good people of state who, despite efforts to compromise them, refused to sell their votes. A simple slogan, O To Ge captured the determination of the people to vote out those who have held them down for decades. And that is precisely what they did.’’ An elated Mohammed expressed appreciation to the people of Kwara for joining hands

with him in liberating the state from what he called ‘‘the grip of a crippling hegemony’’, and in ensuring massive victory for the President in the presidential election. While congratulating the people for their doggedness, Mohammed stressed that despite efforts to compromise them, they refused to sell their votes. Senate President Bukola

Saraki and a host of PDP National Assembly candidates lost their elections in Kwara. ‘‘Permit me to thank all Nigerians, most sincerely, for re-electing President Buhari. I must say that I have no doubt at all that Nigerians will re-elect the President. I said that over and over again before the election,” he said adding that he was

confident that Nigerians would re-elect President Buhari because ”the President presides over a government that has done what no government in the history of Nigeria has done. ‘‘The Administration’s Social Investment Programme is unprecedented: Under this programme, government feeds 9.3 million children every school day; Some 500,000

unemployed graduates have been employed under N-Power and some 300,000 families are benefiting from the Conditional Cash Transfer ‘‘SMEs grow the economy but they have little or no access to loans. Now this Administration gives between N10,000 and N100,000 under Tradermomi and Market money to business owners. If you think this money is

paltry, then you need to listen to the beneficiaries on how these programmes have enhanced their businesses. ‘‘Pensioners who have been left in the lurch are being paid, and I am talking of ex-workers of the Nigerian Airways, NITEL and former Biafra Policemen, among others. The former Nigeria Airways staffers were so delighted that they

held a rally in support of the President before the elections. ‘‘The fight against corruption is being institutionalised with a number of policies that include Treasury Single Account (TSA), Whistleblower policy, etc. Of course, huge amounts of money as well as property are being recovered from looters, and those who have looted our treasury

are being jailed. ‘‘About 2.7 trillion Naira, an unprecedented amount of money, has been spent on infrastructural renewal. The rail system is being modernised and expanded, roads are being constructed in every state, airports terminals are being built and modernised. Power generation and distribution are going up steadily ‘‘We are closer to

achieving self sufficiency in food production, especially in such staples as rice, yam, cassava, etc. We have grown the number of our rice farmers from 5 million to about 12 million, and rice importation have reduced drastically. ‘‘Last weekend’s election is a direct contest between ordinary Nigerians and the elites, most of whom are rent

seekers. Of course, the ordinary Nigerians have won. I want to state that the building of a strong, secured, economically-buoyant and corruption-free society is the responsibility of all. And it is achievable. While some people are still dreaming of how to make Nigeria work again, we are already making it work,’’ the minister stated.

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