On the King of Talks podcast, the Teju Babyface was interviewed. The presenter questioned him about the accusations made against him, which portrayed him as a wife beater. He emphasised that he doesn’t know when questioned about the origin of the claims and said that he does not exhibit any of the traits of a wife-beater.

Why are you abusing a woman, he demanded. Next, what? Because I support women, I don’t do that, and anyone who claims otherwise is a complete moron. First of all, anyone who beats their wife treats all women as if they are beneath them and should be trampled upon.

Frank continued by citing an example of his wife’s assistance, stating that he learnt photography to assist his wife in taking expert photos of her interior design work. He used the incident to underline that he is not a wife-beater and that no wife-beater would support their wife.

For my wife and her business, he says, “I did Photoshop and Lightroom, learned photography, and learned filmmaking, and I stick by her and her business. She is aware that I would be there for her in a hurry if she ever needed me.

Frank insisted that he never touched any woman, including his present wife Sandra Onyenucheya, his ex-wife Katherine Obiang, or any lady he has ever worked with. The presenter of Who Wants to Be a Billionaire

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