Kings Called To Play Their Roles at King Kosoko Memorial Lecture

 Kings Called To Play Their Roles at King Kosoko Memorial Lecture
King Kosoko.jpg1Traditional leaders must play their God given roles of moving the nation forward with their prowess. This call came at the 1st king Kosoko memorial lecture.
Oba moronfolu Kosoko by name & personality was known as one of the most prestigious Obas in the history of Lagos.
Born in 18… by Oba Eshinlokun, The young moronfolu Kosoko’s  charisma, diplomacy, sagacity, excellent leadership traits made him emerged as the Oba of Lagos in 1845.
Keeping the legacy of this great Oba alive, the Kosoko Descendants youth forum organised the 1st king Kosoko memorial lecture, with the theme ‘the travail & triumph of King Kosoko, A lesson for today’s leaders.
Speakers called on the citizenry to respect traditional institutions as they remain the only hope for the restoration of indigenous core values.
Oba moronfolu Okunoye Kosoko is believed to be a man of many paths whose contributions to Lagos & Africa as a continent cannot be emphasized enough, hence the launching of a museum that will accommodate all the relics of King Kosoko.

Mariam Harun

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