Kwara APC And The Gale Of Defections

 Kwara APC And The Gale Of Defections


Against the backdrop of the recent events at the National Assembly, I
want to most sincerely thank all APC members and supporters in Kwara
State for their unflinching commitment to ensuring that the party
emerges stronger than ever in the state

That commitment has been reflected in the overwhelming support and
solidarity that we have received, not just from our party members but
also from other parties and stakeholders across the state, since the
melodrama at the National Assembly on Tuesday.

In particular, there has been an expression of overwhelming love and
support for President Muhammadu Buhari from across Kwara, in the
wake of the defections by federal legislators from Kwara,

I call on all our members and supporters in Kwara to remain calm, because
there is no cause for alarm.

We are currently consulting with the national leadership of our great
party, with a view to coming up with a programme of action that will
take into consideration the recent developments.

Our members and supporters should have no doubt whatsoever that
whatever decisions we take after the consultations will be in their
overall best interest

Tolani Giwa

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