lasg debunks rumour on re-introduction of monthly sanitation exercise

The Lagos state government has challenged its workforce on the pursuance of quality in procurement decisions in the state, for effective corporate governance.

Government says procurement process is a critical instrument to combat economic depression which can only be performed by competent officers, hence the need to train members of staff to look into the challenges and prevent them.

State Commissioner for Establishment, Training and Pensions, Dr. Akintola Benson-Oke was speaking during a two-day training workshop for the senior cadre in the State Civil Service, in Ikeja.

Quality in procurement decisions
Benson-Oke who delivered a paper on ‘Public Procurement in a Depressed Economy: Emerging Issues and Challenges’ said that the training was designed to emphasise the need to ensure a due process approach to service delivery.

“This training is designed to emphasise the need for the Lagos State Public Service to reconcile two seemingly irreconcilable purposes which included pursuing quality in procurement decisions and keeping/controlling cost in the face of daunting economic challenges.”

He said the government should adopt a high possible standard in the pursuit of quality and delivery of value to citizens even in the face of the depressed economy.

Good governance
Benson-Oke stressed that members of the public have been exposed to the standards of governance which makes their expectations to have been conditioned to demand and insist on compliance with global trends in governance and public administration at all levels.

He mentioned that adequate data gathering, innovative ideas and citizens participation in governance would ensure and assure the quality of the governments procurement activities.

According to him, innovative governments are creating new ways for citizens to make their voices heard, giving them the ability to provide input into regulations, budgets, and the provision of services.

Benson-Oke stated that it has been further observed that other governments were going further to solicit citizen’s feedback on issues surrounding procurements.

The Commissioner highlighted the possession of skills, paying attention to details, effective delegation of responsibilities and duties as part of process towards the attainment of the pursuit of quality in procurement decisions.

Upgrading knowledge
The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Mrs Rhoda Ayinde said that the state was committed to continuous training that would upgrade the knowledge and skills of the State Public servants to compete favourably with their counterparts across the world.

A training consultant, Mr Jimoh Ibrahim commended the State government’s effort aimed at retraining it’s staff for optimal performance, as he enjoined participants to maximise the opportunities to be useful for the advancement of the State Procurement system

Ayomide Oyewole

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