Lagos Is Progressive – Ikechukwu

 Lagos Is Progressive – Ikechukwu


Mr. Jean Chris Ikechukwu a brand strategist and marketing consultant, born and bred in Lagos, wish to live all his live in Lagos. According to him, Lagos is very positive and progressive. They are in tune within the things happening in the western world couple with the fact that they are always craving for development.
Lagos is a place where diverse cultural and religious backgrounds have come together; use their ideas to support themselves and the government in moving forward. One unique thing about Lagos is its ability to carry on with governance in chain manners.
Since the present democratic dispensation, the state has been moving like a template and systematically arranged. There is continuity in the running of the state affairs. The mantle has been like a relay race, from Senator Ahmed Tinubu to Babatunde Fashola and now to Akinwunmi Ambode, honestly, it is fantastic.
This is unlike other parts of the country where every programme end with that dispensation. Like the Eko Atlantic project which has been going on over time. As such, it has been brought to enviable height today. Lagos is the Dubai of Nigeria and the Dubai of Africa at large.
Lagos will keep on developing so long as the people in it will continue to think positively and the government will keep adhering to good governance. As far as I’m concerned, moving out of Lagos is going to my retirement. There is no city in this country to compare Lagos with.
Even Abuja cannot be compared with Lagos. While Lagos generates bulk of its fund, Abuja totally depends on money generated from other parts of the country. Lagos has developed above other states in the country. It has indeed attained mega city status. We encourage other states to be like Lagos. Lagos cannot be compared with New York City or any other part of the world, it is uniquely made in its peculiarity


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