Lagos pupils excel in 2023 National Common Entrance Exams

 Lagos pupils excel in 2023 National Common Entrance Exams

Students that participated in the Lagos State Government’s EKOEXCEL program, which aims to improve primary school education, did exceptionally well on the 2023 National Common Entrance Examination.


The student who performed the best on EKOEXCEL got 199, which is only 4 points lesser than the student who performed the best overall, who scored 203. More than half of other monitored EKOEXCEL students who took the test received a score of at least 70%.


Ololade Ganiyat of St. Mary’s Convent Primary School, Ugwu Victoria of Enitan Primary School, and Chima Mesomachukwu from Community Nursery & Primary School, Ijeododo were the top three EKOEXCEL students and all girls. They received exceptional scores of 199, 191, and 185, respectively.


Ololade Ganiyat, who received the highest grade among EKOEXCEL students, continuously displayed academic prowess, taking first place in her class for the previous two academic terms.

The usage of motivating cheers to uplift and inspire Ganiyat also made a major impact on her learning and self-esteem over time. Her accomplishment is an evidence of how well EKOEXCEL’s technique works to develop talent while promoting gender balance in the classroom.

The program strengthened its dedication to student success by offering thorough preparation programs for students that were enhanced with vital learning resources. At the end of each term, unified mock exams were administered to students, providing them with essential exposure to examination formats and preparing them for success.


EKOEXCEL has continued to take the lead in reforming public elementary education in Nigeria under the supervision of the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (LASUBEB). EKOEXCEL is a part of the Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu THEMES plus agenda.

EKOEXCEL has  also developed into an internationally acclaimed, award-winning public education intervention that was created to provide public school teachers with technology-driven tools and techniques while fostering greater learning gains in the classrooms.

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