Lagos State Tourism Masterplan

 Lagos State Tourism Masterplan

Lagos State is on the verge of releasing a Tourism masterplan to serve the state for the next 15 years to showcase the culture, heritage, arts and entertainment of the centre of excellence to the world.
Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture Steve Ayorinde made this known at the Launch of VirtualTourism where he explained that in few days his ministry will release an all year round calender of tourism and festivals in the state.

This event is a gathering of lovers and promoters of Nigeria’s tourism and culture.

Speakers including foremost arts collector Prince Yemisi Shyllon explain that In Nigeria abounds enormous tourism potentials left unharnessed.

They agree Tourism is a gold mine waiting to be tapped into as it remains the largest employer of labour and revenue genarator worldwide.

Due to identified numerous challenges such as poor inter and intra transportation, loopholes in legal and immigration system, lack of publicised calender of events, speakers say there must be a national policy on Tourism.
Lagos state Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and culture Steve Ayorinde in his presentation explains Lagos is aware of her strength as a cosmopolitan city and already taking advantage of that position.
While agreeing that indeed a national policy on Tourism is needed he hightlights the role of a Tourism masterplan to be released by Lagos state.
The Commissioner lauds the commitment and enthusiasm of the Arts loving Governor of Lagos Akinwunmi Ambode as he explains new initiatives to attract more visitors and tourists to Lagos.
The gathering then agrees that since Tourism is the next big income generator for the country, everyone must promote, accept, believe and have regard for Nigeria’s indigenous culture, language and heritage. And to bequeath a befitting tourism sector to Nigeria it behoves on individuals not to leave everything solely in the hands of the Government.


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