Lagos To Setup E-commerce Hub For Agric Producers To Create Export Opportunities

 Lagos To Setup E-commerce Hub For Agric Producers To Create Export  Opportunities

The Lagos State Government says it planning to set up an e-commerce 
hub or platform for agriculture producers in the state to 
produce farm produce in hygienic conditions for export purposes.

The State Acting Commissioner for Agriculture, Ms. AbisolaOlusanya 
stated this during the inspection tour of venues of the Eko 
City Framers Market at St. Georges Primary School, Falomo, Lagos and 
Opebi PrimarySchool, Opebi.

Olusanya said that the hub would be located in a central location where all the certification of production would take place.

“We are trying to setup hubs or platforms where we are able to get > our producers to come together to be able to produce in sanitary and 
hygienic condition for us to be able to get organizations like SON, 
NAFDAC to do a sort of assessment on the items been produced for us 
to be able to export.

“Essentially, we want to be able to make it easier for our producers, 
to be able to produce in a way that they do not have to go through 
many channels to certify their products. We want to make our 
certification take place in one location and then they can easily 
export,” the ActingCommissioner noted.

She said the state government also trying to create an enabling 
environment for agric-business and producers to ensure the ease 
of doing business in the state.

“When you talk about app-tech and e-commerce, I think we have a 
a platform for that in the Eko City Farmers Market, which is supposed to 
connect the producers to consumers and whosoever want to buy 
along any value chain that exists already.

“We know that there are several other platforms as well, like; 
we have and a lot of platforms exist already to try to 
connect producers to the consumers,” she opined.

Olusanya pointed out that the job of the State Government is  to create the enabling environment to ensure that there is ease of 
doing business across board.

“I believe we are doing that and you can come to the Ministry 
ofAgriculture if you need any resources if you need any help and 
support, we are willing and glad to do that.

“We have the agric-business department which actually has the mandate to be able to do farmer linkages to consumers, to farmers, to even 
the export community and to other stakeholders across the value 
chain. I believe that platform has been setup already.

“In August, we will be having our stakeholders’ engagement virtual 
just to try to see what is ongoing with the terrain in the agric space 
and be able to see whatever challenges they have and how we can 
mitigate all andbe able to offer solutions to them.

“I believe in app-tech space, yes a lot will be done, a lot still 
need to be done and like I had said before we also trying to connect 
to the our sister Ministry, which is the Ministry of Science and 
Technology to develop an app-tech hub to encourage the youth to 
actually bring innovative solution in the agric space, so we believe 
we are doing that.

“Also, we have the Lagos State Entrepreneurship Programme(LAP), in 
Araga, we will be commencing with the next batch in August and part 
of their syllabus is the e-commerce section just to try to encourage 
them, that itis not just about physical interaction between yourself 
and the consumer or whosoever is buying.

“But to ensure that they can also setup e-commerce platforms they can 
sell regardless the time or the situation,” Olusanya said.   

Also speaking, Mr GbolahanYishau, member of the Lagos State House of 
Assembly, representing Eti Osa Local Government, said that the state 
government has done a lot starting during the COVID-19 pandemic, 
though the pandemic is still on. 

Yishau said the state government was ensuring that food gets to the 
residents which is why the ekocity farmers market was established.

“On my part, what we have done is to empower people so that they can 
have the capacity to shop and buy whatever they need in their homes.


“So we brought vouchers to augment whatever they might have to come 
to the market with or even those who have nothing to shop with would 
be able to buy things. 

“The farmers are also happy because we have created additional market 
for people to buy from them.


“I think it is a very good initiative, especially with the 
festivities coming up next week, so people can have food on their 
table which is a core thing during this pandemic.


“We have already given out some vouchers in the morning at about 1000 
people were given N1000voucher and we are going to do more,” he said.


In a similar vein, the Executive Chairman, Onigbongbo Local Council 
Development Area, Mr. Francis Oke, lauded the initiative of the 
Ministry of Agriculture.


Oke said the market would ease the pressure of going to the open 
market to shop for their needs during the festival.


He said the market would be held for five days in the LCDA in order 
to give more people, more farmers, and producers to showcase their 


“This market is good for people that are preparing for the Ileya 
festival so that they can come here and buys whatever produce they 


“You can see that the products here are cheaper than what we have in 
the open market.


“It is a good thing that we are having this kind of thing in 
Onigbongbo LCDA and we all welcome it because it is a good thing. 


“At least, to reduce the stress and tension from our people from 
buying farm produce for the ileya festival. 

“I have discussed with the Acting Commissioner that personally in 
Onigbongbo LCDA, we want a weeklong programme, not just one day and 
luckily for us, the Commissioner agreed that we should have it till 
Friday,  August 31,” he said.


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