LASG Tasks Ikorodu Residents On Cleaner Lagos

 LASG Tasks Ikorodu Residents On Cleaner Lagos
The Lagos State Government has urged residents of Ikorodu Local Government Area and its environs to cooperate with the government for the success of its new environmental agenda of ensuring a cleaner Lagos.
Speaking at a town hall meeting with Community Development Associations, Residents Associations and artisan groups in Ikorodu Local Government Secretariat on Tuesday, the Commissioner for the Environment, Dr. Babatunde Adejare stated that the state government needed the cooperation of the people in order to realize its goal of a cleaner Lagos.
He said that the town hall meeting, which was held to discuss the role of the people in the implementation of environmental sanitation plans and programmes in the state, was a reflection of the government of inclusion of the Akinwunmi Ambode Administration in Lagos State.
He added that the interaction of the government with the people at the grassroots would afford the them opportunity of sharing matters of mutual concern regarding the environment.
Dr. Adejare noted that in the determination to reposition the environment, the Governor of Lagos State had signed the environmental protection and management law for the good of all, while the people are expected to play their role by embracing friendly environmental practice.
On the environmental sanitation plans and programme of Lagos State Government, Adejare emphasized that: “the bedrock of our environmental agenda is the reform in solid waste management, also called the Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI)”.
This initiative, according to him, was aimed at transforming the sector through Public Private Partnership (PPP) and tackling the seemingly insurmountable challenges confronting us in the area of solid waste management.
No doubt, this initiative has come to change the face of waste management in Lagos State as it offers benefits which include; creation of over 30,000 direct and indirect jobs, provision of sanitary landfills, efficient and regular collection of residential, commercial and industrial waste, marine waste management and proper sanitary disposal of hazardous waste as well as all-year –round drainage management for effective and efficient flood control and street sweeping and highway management”, he stated.
Other benefits of the solid waste management reform according to Dr. Adejare include the provision of over 300 new compactors and 9,000 waste bins for a start. These compactors together with the waste bins to be supplied all over the state will be electronically tracked for easy monitoring.
The Environment Commissioner further stressed that Cart Pushers, Bike Riders, other unemployed youths, and the existing 4,500 sweepers would be engaged and transformed to Community Sanitation Workers (CSW) thus creating 27,500 new jobs. 
According to him: ‘‘The Sanitation Workers, whowill be uniformly kitted , insured and well equipped to optimally do the job, will  manually sweep inner roads in the 377 wards of Lagos State, while mechanized sweeping of the highways will be carried out”
“The Cleaner Lagos Initiative also involves the development of Sanitary Landfill Sites as we roll out phased closure of existing dump sites, while residents would be required to pay Public Utility Levy which is an annual charge that would replace all utility levies and this would take effect when the Cleaner Lagos Initiative fully commences”, he added.
He urged the members of the Community Development Associations (CDAs), Resident Associations and Artisan Groups to be clear on their roles in the sanitation and protection of the environment and be prepared to spur other members of the community into positive actions towards the environment.
“Let us embrace this new initiative, clear and clean our drains, avoid oil spills in our motor garages, remove all illegal structures and constructions, avoid street trading, remove all vegetal nuisances, properly sort, bag and dispose your refuse and avoid all forms of contamination”, he stressed.


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