LG POLLS: LASIEC Chairman Commends Lagos Residents, Stakeholders

 LG POLLS: LASIEC Chairman Commends Lagos Residents, Stakeholders

The Chairman, Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission, Hon. Justice Ayotunde Phillips, has thanked God and has also, on behalf of the Commission, commended the  residents of the State, particularly leaders of Political Parties, their members, the Electorate, Royal Fathers, Religious and Community Leaders, Security Personnel, Election Personnel, Gentlemen of the Press and other stakeholders for their support towards the successful conduct of the  elections into the 57 Local Governments and Local Council Development Areas of the State,  which took place on Saturday, 22nd July, 2017.

Her Ladyship also pointed out that in fulfilment of her pledge at different fora prior to the day of the elections that the Commission would provide a level playing field, the Commission worked tirelessly to guarantee fairness and justice for all the Political Parties and their candidates.

She also expressed satisfaction at the spirit of comraderie and brotherhood displayed by the agents of Political Parties at the different Polling Units where she and members of the Forum of State Independent Electoral Commissions of Nigeria (FOSIECON) monitored the elections, stressing that “this is the right way to go if we really desire development and growth in the various communities of the State”.

While admitting that voting started late in some Polling Units, the Chairman attributed this to the early morning downpour which she said was beyond the control of the Commission. She added that the “early morning downpour  hindered the deployment of both the human and material resources required for the conduct of the elections in some areas and  naturally slowed down the pace at which the Commission would have loved to move”.

Hon. Justice Phillips further explained that the flooding experienced around some Polling Units as a result of the rain compounded the challenge as some Polling Units had to be relocated to guarantee the safety of the Electorate, the Polling Officials and the materials for the elections.

The Chairman congratulated the winners in the elections on their victory. She also urged them to display magnanimity in victory and regard their success at the Polls as the will of God.

She also counselled the unsuccessful candidates to demonstrate the spirit of good sportsmanship and patiently look forward to another opportunity in the future.

She pledged the commitment of the Commission towards ensuring continuous improvement in the electoral process at the Local Government level of the State.

Pursuant to the Local Government Elections Tribunal Law Cap L75 (Laws of Lagos State, 2004), the Chairman stated that any Political Party that has any grievances should forward such to the Elections Petitions Tribunal as the Commission has no power to settle any disputes arising from the conduct of the elections.

A total of twelve political parties participated in yesterday’s elections. It would be recalled that the Commission had, on Friday, 7th April, 2017 published the Notice of Elections which announced the date of the elections into the Chairmanship and Councillorship posts in the 57 Local Governments/Local Council Development Areas of the State.

The results of the Chairmanship and Councillorship elections into the 57 Local Governments/Local Council Development Areas of the State as already announced by Returning Officers at each of the Ward Collation Centres and Local Government/ Local Council Development Area Collation Centres are as follows:

APC won all the 57 Chairmanship seats while it also won 369 Councillorship seats.

PDP won four Councillorship seats while Accord party won three councillorship seats

PDP (Councillorship seats)

  1. Agege LGA                   Ward C
  2. Itire Ikate   LCDA           Ward A
  3. Ikorodu LGA Ward D
  4. Oriade LCDA Ward A

ACCORD Party (Councillorship seats)

  1. Agege LGA Ward E
  2. Ikosi Isheri Ward D
  3. Somolu LGA Ward E

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