Majek Fashek’s Music Business Consultant, Omenka Uzoma and Charles Novia War of Words

 Majek Fashek’s Music Business Consultant, Omenka Uzoma and Charles Novia War of Words

It all started in 2016, when Majek claimed Timi Dakolo “stole” his song, ‘Send Down the Rain,’ (an allegation Timi has long denied), and said he would take him to court, so many people had thought the veteran musician was only making empty threats.
Uzoma, who has been speaking on his client’s (Majek Fashek) behalf, said that by March, they would begin the lawsuit process to sue Timi Dakolo and Charles Novia for “giving Timi the right to work on the song.”

With this latest development Omenka Uzoma and Charles Novia are boxing themselves real hard in verbal war, with the latter inciting that the former is high on weeds

”As stupid as whatever he is taking, ”For somebody to call himself Majek’s manager and he is trying to malign my image, he must be high on weed, he does not know what he is saying and he is a bad influence on Majek. He is as stupid as whatever he is taking. The whole industry knows what I did for this guy. “

Uzo is not at liberty to comment on the transactions I had with Majek when I was managing him. It is not his business because we had the power of attorney and in the presence of four witnesses in the office, Majek gave me power of attorney and he put his thumb print on it. Majek came and was begging that he needed money. We negotiated on his behalf and we got $2000 for it and that was when a Naira to a dollar was about N250,” Charles Novia had said.

In reaction to that Mr. Omenka called Charles Novia out, likening him to an Alaba Music tout.

”I don’t even drink beer not to talk of smoking any weed. I’m sane and in my right senses, I take just water and not ordinary water, but the ones I trust.
Alaba marketers and hustlers are better than Charles Novia and all his claims. To me, he is just a music tout.
They did those deals behind him because they thought, Majek would not survive it. But no one can stop I and I. Let them talk, no one can stop I and I, that’s the title of the song, Majek did for them.
Enough is enough, it is about time everything changed. We need to gain back the respect of Majek. Our lawyers here in Nigeria and those from America are all ready for this battle. We must give back to Majek what rightfully belong to him.”

When asked if he would succumb and settle issues out of court, He said, “The thing is I don’t have a grudge with Timi, they should have passed through the normal process, but they did not. They have presented themselves as criminals because that is copyright infringement. The channel they came through is wrong.

This same Charles Novia, I have read a lot of his write-ups and that of Azuka Jebose, I have been watching and trying to understand them.
We are still on, we would find ourselves in court. That N100M, is just the beginning. People are saying, he was just trying to help Majek, please can you people kindly ask Timi, if he has ever called Majek’s phone numbers or been to his house. We all shall meet in court next month.”

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