Manchester United thrashed 6 -1 by Tottenham

 Manchester United thrashed 6 -1 by Tottenham

This was as shambolic, error-strewn, embarrassing, self-destructive and spineless as it could possibly be for Manchester United. It is the kind of numbing, gutless result and performance that must have even Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s strongest supporters struggling to defend him.

Not that the players or club hierarchy should escape criticism. Solskjaer looked shell-shocked long before the end and half-heartedly challenged referee Anthony Taylor after the final whistle. Presumably that was over the first-half dismissal of Anthony Martial, after he was suckered in by some cynical gamesmanship by Erik Lamela, but Solskjaer looked like a man clutching at straws while knowing the simple truth.

This was a shattering experience. For Tottenham and, of course, for Jose Mourinho this was a special victory and how the head coach will have relished the ruthless way his impressive side capitalised on the chaos and also putting United and his successor, Solskjaer, in their place.

Spurs never relented. The fine quality of their performance will inevitably be overshadowed by the utter disarray they were up against but, for them, this was also a far cry from their opening day disappointment against Everton. In their two away games since they have scored 11 goals but this was also their best performance under Mourinho who will believe it is clicking. And all this without Gareth Bale.


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