NCAA Certifies TAL For Commercial Flight Operations

 NCAA Certifies TAL For Commercial Flight Operations

Tropical Arctic Logistics Limited, a new operator in the fixed and rotary wing sub-sector of the aviation industry, says it has secured Air Operating Certificate from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority to commence full commercial operations.

TAL specialises in offshore services and charter for helicopters and executive private jets.

The President and Chief Executive Officer, TAL, Mr. Baywood Ibe, said the firm was set to transform the landscape of aviation logistics.

Ibe stated that with the AOC, TAL would commence full commercial services in oil and gas, executive commercial, spot charters, banking services, medical emergency evacuation as well as executive private aircraft charter services based on a comprehensive analysis of the aviation sector.

“TAL will combine world-class equipment with skilled personnel who have extensive knowledge and experience to achieve a leading position in this sector,” he said.

According to him, part of the strategies to achieve the objectives is a purpose-built template, which combines effective equipment utilization and deployment of indigenous expertise to achieve a competitive edge.

Ibe said TAL was established in 2013 after a robust and comprehensive analysis of the sector.

“We did not rush into this business; we conducted business feasibility studies and identified the key success factors for growth and profitability. Our company is, therefore, positioned for leadership in this sector, an unparalleled feat for a company founded just five years ago,” he said.

He said the firm would deepen local content by providing professional solutions with an emphasis on safety and efficiency in logistics services.

Ibe added that with robust support from its European partners, Rose Aviation, TAL would demonstrate an unwavering commitment to international standards and practices, while adhering to the policy of local content development in accordance with the laws of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board.

“Our policy as a company has been the development of local capacity in addition to technical support from our off-shore partners,” he said.

The Chief Operation Officer, Mr Femi Adeniji, who received the AOC on behalf of the firm at its corporate headquarters in Lagos, stated that in line with the major focus on safety and efficiency, TAL crew had been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency.

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