Nigeria Does Not Have Political Maturity For State Police – IGP

 Nigeria Does Not Have Political Maturity For State Police – IGP

State Police
Over the years, renewed clamour for State Police has continually exposed the grossly inadequate number of Police Personnel ( over 300,000) to a population of near 180 million in Nigeria. Recent recruitment of not less than 10,000 officers to fill up the vacuum created by the loss of Officers who died during the wake of Insurgency and Terrorism a decade ago was recorded in the Security sector.

Some people say state policing will foster a close relationship within communities, enhancing greater information sharing. The issue of familiarity hinders effective information sharing between law enforcers and public.

The Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, says Nigeria does not yet have the political maturity for state police.

Stakeholders argue the creation of State Police could have curbed the Spate of Terrorism, Incessant Killings by Herdsmen whilst others are of contrary opinion.
There are fears that politicians will misuse or hijack to hunt down perceived opponents operational deficiencies in dealing with crime, and possible clash with the federal police at some instances.

Essential aspect of state police is the formulation of legal frameworks that would guide and moderate the modus operandi of the state system The quality of the state police of each state largely depends on economic disparities of the States.

Alternatively the Police Trust Fund bill is undergoing scrutiny by it is believed this will provide necessary finances required to effectively police the nation .

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